Potential Downsides to Manifesting

The problem with books like "The Secret" and others' interpretations of the law of attraction, is that it implies that it's the belief good things will come for us without taking any action. Downsides iconIt is optimism that drives positive behaviors that bring about great results in life. Optimists do not get their benefits only from their attitude. It's the behavior that inspires real change. It is crucial to have beliefs that influence behavior.


Critics of "The Secret" and other books about the law of attraction also point out the very real concern that people may start to blame themselves for negative events that are outside their control, such as accidents and injuries, layoffs due to a financial downturn, or major illnesses.

Although we cannot control all of our circumstances, we can make choices about how to respond. The law of attraction can help you feel positive and proactive in tough situations. However, it should not be used to make yourself feel guilty.

Manifest with the Power of Feelings

You must be energized if you want to see results. Positive and happy feelings of success, happiness and purpose can help you achieve your goals.

We all have had some form of happiness or success in our lives. Even the smallest manifestations of success are important. Recall happy memories from the past and try to recreate them in your imagination. As vividly as possible, visualize the event and allow the happy and positive feelings that you felt at the time to come back to you. Enjoy the joy, exhilaration, and feeling of success you have discovered.

During this state of mental and emotional calm, visualize your current goal. You can also continue to imagine the emotions and feelings you have experienced. Associate these feelings to your current goal. Downsides portrayalYou will feel as if your goal has been achieved and you are happy, fulfilled, and content. This will give you energy and make your thoughts stronger and more powerful.

You will eventually be able to evoke feelings of success and accomplishment over time without having to resort to this method. You can do amazing things by empowering your mind with emotional energy. Put your power into action to get the people, opportunities and tools you need to achieve your goals.

One of my clients spent many years imagining the man she would marry. She met a man she believed was everything she had been imagining through her manifestations during a casual night out with her friends. But a month or two into dating him, my client felt completely defeated. She realized that her efforts to find the perfect partner were purely outwardly focused. She was so focused on the ideal partner that she forgot to think about who she needed or wanted to be to have a harmonious and healthy relationship. She was intent on finding a "responsible guy who's focused on his career and his future;" but once she started dating him, she realized she hadn't given much thought to what it would actually be like to have such a partner. His work schedule, workouts and early nights clashed badly with her happy hour with friends. And his future-focused attitude didn’t mesh well with her tendency to live in this moment and worry about details later. She asked for more than she could handle and ended up feeling like she was "self-sabotaging” what she received.

Positive thinking doesn't necessarily mean that you should avoid the negative. Life is always balanced. The good and the bad can't exist together, and death cannot be avoided. Everybody experiences negative and unpleasant events as much as they do great ones. Manifesting originalIt is what we do with these experiences that matters. The transformation of thought into its physical counterpart is called manifestation. It is the act of taking an idea or dream, a goal, a vision, and taking the necessary actions to make it real.

You can make anything you can dream up, in your life. Latin for "manifestation", "manifestare," means "make public." This literally means that you can make your dreams and goals public. These are the things you pull out of your head and into the real world. This takes faith and focused determination.

Usually, when someone talks about manifestation they mean intentional manifestation. In reality, manifestations happen unintentionally all the time. Our minds, as analytical beings are always overthinking the current reality. Unintentionally, we manifest more of the things that we have (or don’t have) in our future. Intentional manifestation requires us to change our dominant thought patterns in order to create the reality we desire, regardless of whether we are living it.

It's not difficult to manifest something large. Most people fail to manifest because they try to attract large-scale things such as houses or huge, unexpected payments without believing that they can. You can't stop doubting the law and manifestation process. You can't fool the universe because it always delivers your beliefs and feelings. You can be sure it won't work if you have doubts. It is important to start small and prove to yourself it works before you can manifest great things.